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政策&版權宣告 (Privacy Policy & Copyright Notice)
瑪哈日野 (3350) 2014-12-08 21:51:45 MON
我們將嚴格保護您的資料安全,請尊重智慧財產權! We will strictly protect your data security, please respect intellectual property rights!

政策 (Policy)

We will strictly protect your data security!
  1. 您的密碼要求較為嚴格,連管理者都無法知道,所以不容許是一些1234, abcdefg 或生日等等簡單密碼,因為我們很注重您資料的隱私。建議您不要將密碼揭露給任何人,本公司決不會在電話或電子郵件詢問您的密碼,亦不會主動將您的資料外流出去。
    Your password requirements are more stringent, even managers can not know, so it is not allowed to be some 1234, ABCDEFG or birthday, etc. simple password. It is recommended that you do not expose your password to anyone. We will never ask for your password by phone or e-mail, nor voluntarily drain your information.

  2. 網站資料傳輸都是SSL 256Bit加密過,所以不用擔心密碼或訊息中途被擷取。
    The web site data are all transferred by SSL 256Bit encrypted, so do not worry about passwords or messages are retrieved halfway.

  3. 敝公司嚴格要求所註冊的資料只作客戶管理與平台連繫回覆之用,不作其他商業用途。
    Our company strictly requires the data of registration only for customer management, contact and reply, not for other commercial purposes.

  4. 您有權在本網站查詢、修改更正您的個人所有活動資料,也可以要求管理者刪除您的所有一切活動資料。
    You have the right to inquire, revise and correct the information of all your personal activities on this site, can also ask the administrator to delete all your activity information.

  5. 對於資深且有貢獻度的家庭,在未來公司獲利時將給予一定比例的分紅。而對於一年內無任何活動,或家庭信用點數低於 5 分者,此虛擬家庭將被停權並且刪除資料,以保障其他家庭使用者。
    In the future our company may give a certain percentage of dividends to the senior and contributing families when the company profits. Thus, for those families who do not have any activities within a year or the credit number less than 5 points will be suspended and the data will be deleted. This is for protecting the other users.

  6. 本網站會使用到瀏覽器的Cookie,Cookie是存在瀏覽器內的一個純文字檔案,您隨時可以刪除它。請開啟Cookie存取功能,並且安心使用。
    This site will use cookies which is a text-only file stored in your browser. You can removed it at any time, so please turn on the cookie access and ease of use.

版權宣告 (Copyright Notice)

Please respect intellectual Property!

  1. 請大家尊重智慧財產權。
    Please respect intellectual property rights.

  2. 瑪哈日野mahahino 之照片、圖片、敘述、程式碼均屬「瑪哈日野有限公司」(以下簡稱本公司)所有,任何轉載、複製等利用,請先取得本公司同意。
    The photos, pictures, descriptions and source codes in mahahino are all belong to "mahahino Ltd.". So any reprint and copy behaviors must be obtained the consent of our company.

  3. 瑪哈日野mahahino 內的所有內容,如程式碼、文字、圖像、影音及軟體等之版權,除特別指明外,均為本公司所有。只有已獲得版權授權的持有者才能使用。
    All contents in mahahino, such as the copyrights of source codes, text, images, videos and software, unless otherwise specified, are all belong to our company. Only holders who have obtained copyright authorization can use.

  4. 瑪哈日野mahahino 內的所有創作,著作權屬個別家庭所有。本網站雖有管理與評分機制,但不代表本公司認同或背書該家庭所發表的內容。
    All creations within mahahino, the copyrights are belong to individual families. Although our site has the management and scoring mechanism, but does not represent our company agree or endorse the family published contents.

  5. 除特別指明外,任何人士不得未經本公司或版權持有人(虛擬家庭)的電子信箱或書面同意,以任何方式抄襲、更改、出版、上傳、下載及發放本網站內的資訊及材料。
    Unless otherwise specified, no person shall copy, modify, publish, upload, download and distribute the information and materials in this website by any way without the consent of our company or the copyright holder (virtual family).

  6. 瑪哈日野mahahino 歡迎相關網站連接,但不代表本網站認同或背書該網站所提供的內容、產品或服務,連接時務必請開新視窗,避免隱藏本網站連結之URL。
    mahahino welcomes the related website connections, but does not represent our company agree or endorse their contents, products or services. The websites must open a new window when connecting and avoids hiding the URL of our website.

  7. 瑪哈日野mahahino 鼓勵自創文章,然而不禁止轉載等文章。後者版權歸所有權者(作者)所有,若轉載文章之所有權者(作者),發現本網站出現您的作品,而此作品不希望被轉載,請來信告知,我們將在最短時間刪除!(連絡我們)
    mahahino encouraged the creation of articles, but not prohibited articles such as reprint. The latter's copyright belong to the original author, if you find your work appears on our site, and do not want them to be reproduced, please write to inform, we will be deleted in the shortest time! (Contact us)

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Privacy Policy & Copyright Notice
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